Tuesday, July 28, 2009

She told me I'll just know...

When do you know you have found the right one? Well, my mom said, you just know. We were sitting on the driveway, washing fresh lettuce, beans and onions from the garden. But how? I persisted. She told me it wasn’t really something she could describe. She just knew it was different then anything she had ever felt and that she felt calm. And content. There was no wondering if that person would love you tomorrow. Because they would. There was no wondering if what they were saying to you were words used to please your ears or if it really came from their heart without pausing to run through the head. Because sometimes, your head gets in the way of what your heart knows you should do.

I think sometimes, we use our head as a way of shielding our heart from the inevitable amount of heartbreak we must all face one day. Have you ever felt the pain of a true broken heart? It is the only way we learn to love more fully and with even more strength than before. It is how we come to know who we are and what we are made of. We figure out what we cherish and what we look for. It gives us compassion and humbles us to our emotions.

I don’t believe heartache is completely useless – no matter how bad it hurts. It is what makes us appreciate every relationship we have in life. It is the small stepping-stones we take across the rushing waters we like to call life. We slip, we fall and pieces of us break many times. Each time we find the strength to get back up, to pull ourselves out of the rushing water and keep pushing forward.

But once you find that someone, that calm inlet away from the torrential tirade of water, you will find peace. You may think you have found it many times, only to have a flood wash away that calm.

It may be months or years until you find that everlasting contentment. Throughout life, you could have parted ways only to have God unexpectedly pull you back together. You may realize they found you during the most difficult part of your life and were there no matter what. They may be in front of you now, at this very moment, and you may not yet realize it. But, according to a very smart lady I know, eventually you’ll just know. Deep down, there will be no questions. And you will never have to wonder again.

Here's to finding contentment and never letting it go.