Thursday, June 3, 2010

dEcOrAtInG iDeAs

Ah, painting, decorating, rearranging and starting over! I'm moving to a new place at the end of this month and here are some of my decorating ideas. Have any you'd like to share? Let me know. And tell me what you think of the ones I've posted!


I have a lime green comforter and brown sheets. So I'm thinking of something like these colors. I'm also thinking of adding a tree with lime green leaves. Not real sure, though. I have to draw that one out first. I just think the colors are bright and happy and my bedroom is my go to place when I need to think or relax.

(Love this one the best.)

Hopefully I can do this. Keeping my fingers crossed. Should be a challenging project!

LiViNg RoOm

Here I'm striving for a look that says, "Welcome." It's the first place my guests will go and I want them to feel welcome and have the room feel open and comfortable. Just don't know what colors yet...

Really love this one. It's somewhat neutral and yet bright so it'll make the room look bigger.

Here I like the combination of the turquoise and orange. So classy. If I do this, I can have the kitchen be orange and have them really connect together.

I like this color but I think it's too much for the living room.

I'd like to do a wall of pictures like this, also.

So pretty.

I have yet to get to the bathroom or kitchen. Maybe tomorrow.

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