Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Make believing is where it's at...

I'm now 26. Hmm...that's weird to write.

So I'm kind of sitting back and reviewing my short existence thus far. It seems pretty productive. But then I think, am I where I'm supposed to be? Is this what you have planned for me, God? Probably.

Sometimes I feel behind. Other times I feel ahead of the game. Ah, life is a vicious, wonderful cycle.

I'm trying to be positive. So what if I'm one step closer to 30? ....ah, crap. I'll admit it. I fear getting old. I do! So shoot me!

I don't want to grow up. Wait, aren't I an adult already? Yeah, I think so. Well, I'd much rather draw with chalk on the sidewalk all day and sell lemonade on hot summer days. I'd much rather play at the pool with friends or set all of my old dolls up and teach them spelling. I'd definitely much rather play dress up at grandma's all afternoon with my sister and have tea parties with stuffed animals.

Ah, life.

Until next time,