Friday, March 9, 2012

What the heck, Cracker Jack?

I had a box of Cracker Jack today. I forgot about the crappy prizes they have inside. I must admit I was thoroughly disappointed with the “prize” I found inside. See for yourself.

Humorous though it is – now I have two funny little men walking up the side of my pencil – it’s totally craptastic.

If I remember correctly, the prizes were much cooler when I was a kid. They had stuff like rings, puzzles and compasses. Heck, I bet the bottom of my childhood toy box (which is sitting unceremoniously in my parents basement with very sad, sad toys if the world is anything like Toy Story) is littered with toys we received from things like Cracker Jacks and Happy Meals.

Anyway, after seeing my crappy prize, I decided to Google Cracker Jack prizes to see how they’ve changed over the years (I wanted proof) and I came across an article about a woman with an attitude similar to me when it comes to the Cracker Jack toy fiasco.

This woman was having lunch with one of her favorite older ladies, whom she only referred to as M. She noticed the beautiful gold ring M was wearing and made a comment about it. M immediately handed the ring over – to much protest from the younger woman – and when the writer finally accepted it, realized it wasn’t gold at all. And really, it wasn’t as nice as she had thought while she gazed at it on M’s hand over the table.

What was it really? A 70-year-old ring M had gotten out of a Cracker Jack box. Yes! A Cracker Jack box. I wonder if my paper pencil climbers will withstand 70 years? Who knows.

I guess it just goes to show that nothing really is how it once was. I feel sorry for my generation – and those younger than me. We’ve been dealt a crappy hand. Crappy politics, crappy environmental problems, crappy wars … and crappy Cracker Jack prizes.