Friday, June 29, 2012

Engagement photos!

Back when I was starting to look at wedding photographers, someone gave me a very good piece of advice. They told me that I’ll just feel a “click” when I find the right photographer.

Hmmm…not going to lie – I didn’t really believe it.

And then, when I hadn’t felt that click after email discussions with about 15 photographers, I really didn’t believe it. I figured I’d just find the best priced photographer (who, of course, had talent) and call it good.

But then I ran across maternity photos some friends had taken. I thought, “I really like the style of this photographer.” So I looked her up. I looked through her photos and I watched her video. I think I might have felt a little click. But I wasn’t sure.

So I emailed her. I got her response. More of a definite click this time. First off, she was just SO nice. Her personality just bubbled out of her writing.

Second – she gave information freely (including pricing). That was awesome. I found that most photographers want to MEET you before they give you pricing. Stupid. Talk about wasting my time if you are $2,500 for 6 hours. I know a lot of people have big wedding budgets. But I don’t. Plus, I’m busy. I’m planning a wedding…just give me your info.

Third. She wanted to meet when and where it was convenient for us. So we set something up.

When the evening arrived to meet Rachel, I was super nervous! Kevin just thought I was being utterly silly. But really, it’s like that first date type feeling where you’re super excited to meet someone but 1. You already have really high expectations from either emails or phone conversations and what if they aren’t like that? And 2. Will they like you?

Kevin: “Just calm down, babe. It’ll be great.” I always love his advice. So simple, yet true.

So when she arrived and we talked (not only about photography stuff but she asked us about our story and wanted to see my ring and was just truly and GENUINELY excited for and interested in US) … I found she was just as lovely and nice as I had thought she would be. Exactly how I had pictured her to be from our back and forth email conversations. It was then that I finally understood the advice my friend had given me! I had felt that click. I knew right then that she was our wedding photographer.

After she left, I kept thinking about ways we could cut down somewhere else in our budget so we could hire her. She had brought her price down since we’re having a Friday wedding but it was still a tiny bit higher than the budget my parents had helped set for a photographer. But I was absolutely going to make it work! After all, I had felt the click!

I texted her and thanked her for going out of her way to meet us and said that I would talk to my parents on Sunday and get back to her ASAP. Her response was that she just absolutely loved meeting us and said she wanted to bring her price down to what our budget was because she wanted to work with us THAT much. WHAT?! Are you kidding me?! Who does that? Really, really, really nice people do that.

So fast forward to this past Sunday. We had our engagement photo session. It couldn’t have gone any better. She’s so easy to work with. She just lets us be us, which is really important. And, from seeing a few sneak peak photos, I can really see Kevin and I just shine through. I love it.

So, I guess, the whole point of this blog is to find that photographer you click with. Find someone with a personality similar to yours…someone who is fun, funny, kind and creative.

I absolutely can’t wait for our wedding day. Not just for obvious reasons but because we get to work with Rachel again to capture all the wonderful, precious moments and have them forever.

It’ll be one for the books!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

And we’re down to 8 weeks…

Eight weeks from tomorrow, I’ll be Mrs. Coffey. Doesn’t seem that long ago it was eight months away, then six, then four. Now we’re at about two.

I think, through this entire wedding planning ordeal, the most stressed I’ve felt has come from finding bridesmaid shoes. Kevin and I must have picked the hardest colors – or the two that are just not in this year. If I found a pair that worked, they were either super popular and therefore didn’t have enough sizes in. Or they were close to the $100 mark. Finally, I decided on a pair I like well enough – but wouldn’t say I love. They’re a good price and have glowing reviews. And as far as I can tell, they have every size in. So thank you, DSW!

Our engagement photos are Sunday. I am so ridiculously thankful we found such an amazing, wonderful photographer. She is the sweetest person and is just crazy talented. We’re so excited to work with her – and that she’s equally excited to work with us!

But man – finding a red dress for the photo shoot has been IMPOSSIBLE. As of today, I haven’t found one. Thankfully, my sister is sending me a lacy white one that I tried on last time she was here and loved. I’ll just accent it with red…red shoes, red earrings, red finger nail polish and red lipstick. I think it’ll be fine.

I’m so excited for these photos but am, at the same time, really nervous. I’ve never been the most photogenic person (even during my brief modeling stint when I was in grade school…my mom was always there telling me how to stand and to “smile bigger!”).  So I just hope we can have fun and not have to really think too much about the nice lady taking photos.

We have so many fun props in mind – a blanket, tons of comic books, a comic book store, sunlight, a giant frame and a rope with painted letters spelling out our wedding date. Just you wait. It’s gonna be awesome.

But seriously, now that two months is here. We have fun stuff coming up. Stuff like tasting the food at the hall and picking out a menu; sending out invitations; getting my dress fitted; having the bridesmaids get their dresses finished; picking out shoes for me; finishing centerpieces, etc. Lots of fun stuff.

So yeah, let the fun begin!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Be yourself...for crying out loud.

Nothing irks me more than fake people.

People with no personality who live to do what others the cost of their own beliefs or morals (if they have any to begin with). People who brown-nose and crap on other people to move up in this world.

All I can say is: "Karma."

Or as Evie says in The Mummy, "Nasty little fellows such as yourself always get their comeuppance. Always."

While these people absolutely bug the crappola out of me, I also really, truly pity them.

I have morals...standards I live by. And no corporate jerk is going to tell me how to be. I'm not going to start off at the very bottom of the totem pole (which is where I undoubtedly am) and then betray the friends I've made just to move up in a company.

I've watched a coworker of mine turn from a pretty sweet, genuinely caring (or so I thought) person, to just being a total backstabbing crazy person. I've watched her grovel at the feet of those above her just to move up. And I have, sadly, been at the brunt of her brown-nosing actions.

I'm all for working hard and moving up. But do it honestly and on your own (by that I just mean don't stand behind others higher than you and bask in their light in a conniving sort of way). I choose to work hard and honestly and be genuinely kind to everyone without expecting something in return.

Anyway, just my thoughts on this summery Thursday.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A new home.

Kevin and I just received word we were approved for our first home together. Not that we were worried. But to see the email saying so...well, it was fan-freakin-tastic. And that's an understatement.

We are both ecstatic! (Again, a complete understatement!)

To celebrate, I think we'll go to my parents and have my sister cook dinner for us. Haha. Kidding...she actually wants to...she has some cool California recipe she wants to make for the family.

Kevin also gets to meet Vera...our goddaughter...for the first time tonight. :)

Life is bliss.