Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Baby registry

So we're at 28 weeks today.

Baby is getting bigger and bigger every week. I feel him kicking and rolling all over. It's pretty wild. I especially enjoy sitting in bed at night (when he's most active) and watching my stomach move. It's seriously as though there's an alien inside - ready to burst out! (Cue scary Aliens movie.)

I've noticed he really likes the sound of his daddy's voice. Whenever Kevin comes home and starts talking to me, baby starts kicking up a storm. Now I know how Elizabeth felt when baby John started moving as soon as the sound of her cousin Mary's voice reached her ears (it's in the Bible, I swear). It's heartwarming. He also loves Kevin's touch. He'll be moving around like crazy at night and Kevin will rub my belly and baby lays still...I'm not sure what it is. Is it Kevin's warmth or possibly the fact that his touch soothes me, which baby picks up on? Either way, I love it.

A couple of weeks ago we decided we'd put off registering for baby stuff long enough. So we ventured into Babies R Us...which is seriously the 800 pound gorilla of all baby stores. Holy crap. We didn't even know where to begin. Thankfully the nice registry lady gave us some good tips and a list of the "most important things you'll need." We did our research beforehand but wow...nothing prepares you for walking into a giant baby store with 12 different types of high chairs, strollers and car seats.

So we registered for what we thought was best (or a couple of high chairs if we weren't sure) and left. After doing more research (thank you Baby Bargain book...), we were able to go back - this time a little more prepared but still relatively overwhelmed - and finish.

And you wouldn't believe how expensive that place is. Wow. More than $150 for bedding. BEDDING! A tiny piece of fabric you don't even get to use in the crib, sheets, a bumper (which you can't even use anymore but they still sell them) and a crib skirt. I guarantee you the blanket, sheets and pillow cases we use on our bed aren't even that much! So we said no thanks. We're going another route.

The next thing I couldn't believe - the price of furniture. Cribs start at reasonable prices - $100 - and go all the way up to ridiculous - $1,000+. I don't even get it. And the dressers - don't even get me started on them. They're crappily made and I didn't see ONE that was less than $400. I don't even own a dresser worth that much. :/ I love this child more than he'll ever know and I haven't even met him yet - but I'm not buying him a $400 dresser. Especially one so poorly made.

And what's up with there being WAY more girl baby clothes than boys? It's so unfair!

Anyway, if there's a mama-to-be out there who is reading this...just be prepared to be unprepared. I don't think any amount of preparation can really get you ready for a baby. At least, not that we've discovered. It's fun, don't get me wrong. But holy cow you learn so much in such a little amount of time that it's tough to wrap your mind around it. We're just trying to let go and enjoy.

Next week is my birthday and we're taking a babymoon (haha) to Colorado for the weekend (Friday through Sunday) to celebrate a friends wedding but to also just get away and unwind - just Kevin and I. I can't wait.

Also, 12 weeks left! Wowza!