Saturday, November 23, 2013

Just about three weeks left...

So our little man (yes, we've named him, but no, we're not announcing on social media...) is set to arrive in about three weeks. I suppose it could be less - and it could also be more, though this mama sincerely hopes not!

It's not that I'm that uncomfortable (well, I am...but aren't you supposed to be at this stage?)'s just that I don't want him to have a birthday too close to Christmas. How hard would that be? Though having a birthday AFTER Christmas would be worse.

I'm hoping for Dec. days early (according to the due date the doctors have given me). That'd be perfect.

But we're so ready for him to be here. His nursery is all ready - furniture is set up, artwork is hung on the wall. He's got tons of clothes, toys, books and everything else a baby should have - thanks to our wonderful family and friends. Plus we have one shower left at the beginning of December. This kid is spoiled already!

And now that we have finally named him...and I hear my close friends and family use his makes him so much more real to me. I don't even know why! Plus I can actually SEE him move, which is totally wild.

I am SUPER nervous for labor...but I'm trying to remind myself I'm a strong person and can do this...drug free! It's hard, though, when all I ever hear from anyone is their own horror stories and how crazy I am for wanting to bring him into the world drug-free. I don't know anyone besides my own mom and sister who have had their babies drug-free. Am I crazy? Probably...but I'm determined to do this. I have the most amazing doctor who is going to be there the entire time so I am not worried about anything going wrong. And my wonderful, loving husband will be there with me the entire time..thank GOD. And my mama, too! (Which I'm beyond thankful for.)

But I tell you this...I'm am praying for a relatively quick and easy labor. I pray this baby comes into the world strong, healthy and crazy mad (which the doctors like...shows they're healthy and they can do all the newborn tests on babies a lot easier if they come out screaming!).

I'm sure the next post will come after baby is if you're reading this between now and about three weeks from now...please say a prayer for me, Kevin and our baby! Thank you!